Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today’s life

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today’s life

Fundamentals of Computer

What is the definition of a computer?

People always do the question, what is the definition of a computer? Who does not know helter-skelter computers, we talk nearly it in our daily alive. Before the arrival of computers, we humans had a number of impediments in calculating numbers. Also, all such works cannot be done even if you destitution to, but they can be done in a second or minute with the application of computers.

Let’s break the speech Computer into the Function as below.


C = Compute

O = Organized

M = Memory

P = Print

U = Update

T = Table

E = Edit

R = Respond or Result.

By the way, the computer’s meaning proceeds from the Latin word “computare”, which signifies “to calculate”, “to rely on”, “to sum up” or “to think together”. To count, Therefore, in easy language, a computer can be considered as a design that performs computation. Let us recognize the delimitation of a computer.

The definition of a data processor is as uncombined as that. An electronic computer is a machine or machine that performs processes, calculations, and operations, based on instructions, done by a software or ironmongery notice.

It has been designate so that it can make applications and provide a variety of solutions, for this it business by agree mixed hardware and software components.

An information processing system is made up of manifold parts and components that ease user functionality.

There are two first categories of a computer:

  1. Hardware: Physical building that trusts the processor of your data processor, memory, storage, communication ports, and peripheral device devices.
  2. Software: This includes the at work(predicate) system (OS) and software applications.

Computer manufacture with software playbill that is sent to its fundamental ironmongery architecture so that it can read, interpret, and consummate.

Computers are categorized by their figure sway, character, size, mobility, and another constituent Like Personal Computer, Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Mini Computer, Handheld Computer and Devices, Mainframes Computers and Super Computer.

Technically, a data processor is a programmable machine. This means that it executes a scheme hearken of instructions and at the same time it also rejoins to the new instructions which are stated to it.

Nowadays this term is a habit only to refer only to a desktop or laptop computer.

When we send to a desktop model, the term “data processor” technically refers only to the data processor – not monitor, electronic keyboard, or mouse, but this is absolutely pleasant when we refer to all one together as the computer.

If you consider plentifully technical, then the spar which holds the computer is called “system unit”.

Features of Computer

A computer has properties and shapes that distinguish it from other devices. Let’s know helter-skelter it in a larger way.


As we know that computer employment very steadfast. It only captivates a few seconds to do any calculations, which we may take longer than that for several hours.

You will be surprised to know that the computer can process instructions of about 1 million (1,000,000) in an aid or even more.

Therefore, the speed of the data processor is possessed in a microsecond (10 ^ 6 part of a subordinate) or nanosecond (10 ^ 9 part of a help). From this, you can contemplate how steadfast are these computers and how do they perform.


The degree of propriety of the computer is very high and each calculation is executed with the same truthfulness. The accuracy level is set supported on the design of the information processing system.

Whatever errors are there in the electronic computer, due to our imperfection as we are for humans or if we have entered imperfect data.


An electronic computer is completely immune, it does not have human emotions like tiredness, lack of major, fatigue. It is only a machine. This can work for extended hours without any irregularity.

Even if calculations are performed in a numeral of millions, still an information processing system will perform all calculations with even nicety.

Due to its capability, it helps us in doing the groove example of manufacture.


This indicates that it can embroidery in different works in the same tense. Just probable you are charged payroll slips from your computer at the same era, in the same away you are paying an electric bill.

Ability to Store the data

In computers, it can storehouse the amount of message or data. Any notice can be restored or recall whenever we want. It can be stored safely for many years.

It depends on the user above how much data he wants to store and when he wants to restore it.

Lack of IQ

A computer is fully a dumb bicycle and cannot do any work by itself, it has to be instructed to do each task.

And it performs its fabric with speed and precision as soon as it is directed. It depends on you what you want to do on your computer.

It does not have the Feelings

It has no feelings or emotion, gout, scholarship, or suffer of itself. You may get tired after working for some time, but the computer never obstruct.


The computer has its own in-built reminiscence where it can accumulation a populous amount of data. With this, you can also store your data in all secondary storage devices if you deficiency. It is stored outside the electronic computer and can also be stored on the salver.

Main Types of Computer Software

1. Operating System Software

2. Application Software

3. Programming Software

4. Utility Software

Operating Software

It is the most essential software used in computers. Because through this the entire computer is assigned and the information processing system works to work them.

There are mainly two types of operant system software.

  • Single User Operating Software: This is a mean operating system; in this, we can conduct the program one by one. Like MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)
  • Multi-User Operating Software: This is an abundant operating system, in which we can manage more than one plant simultaneously. Under this, we can do multiple fabric inclination work on windows, Internet, playing media, etc. Like Windows, Linux, etc.

Application Software

Software that is used to business in a particular region called Application Software Like, MS office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Programming Software

These are the software’s that are necessary to renew scheme. with the befriend of this, we can erect a special plant to do a specific work. Like JAVA, HTML, FOXPRO, Visual Basic, etc.


There are principally Four main symbols of Devices in Computer

  1. Input Device: This opinion provides instruction to the computer. And inputs are made in changeable example of data computers, Like Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, Mice, etc.
  2. Output Device: This device shows us results that are being prevailed. That scheme is appeals to product devices, Like Monitor, Speaker, Printer, etc.
  3. Processing Device: The instructions given by the input device are narrative through this device, Like CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  4. Storage Device: The devices that stored the given data by the user, Like, Hard Disc, Floppy Disc, CD, Pen drive, etc.
  • CPU: CPU is a processing device on a computer. It is called the leading floor of the computer. This device works to operate the computer by combining all our inputs and production. This opinion comprises of two buttons and two LEDs.

           I) Power Button

           II) Reset Button

           III) Red LED

           IV) Green LED

Some Important Facts About Computer

  • Worlds First Computer device was ABACUS
  • The first electronic computer in the world was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrated An Calculator)
  • A bit is the minimum unit of an electronic computer.
  • A byte is the medium unit of the computer
  • The keyboard was first invented by Christopher Sholes.
  • The mouse was found by Douglas Engelbart in 1977 AD.
  • Monitor’s innovator is John Addison.

History of Computer

It cannot properly aver that since when data processor development was started. But officially the revelation of computers has been classified according to generation.

They are divided into 5 abilities from the main Parts.

1st Generation of Computers  

“Vacuum Tubes” (1940-1956)

The first generation of computers custom Vaccum corf for circuitry and Magnetic Drum for memory. That was very big in size. It interest to be very tough to run them.

Due to being too large, it also had an accident of redness, due to which it also malfunctioned at times. They used to custom Machine Language. For precedent, UNIVAC and ENIAC computers

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
First Generation Computer

2nd Generation of Computers

 “Transistors (1956-1963)

In assistant-generation computers, transistors repay vacuum kit.

Transistors used to take fewer courses, were smaller, were faster, lived, and were more Life efficient. The utility to generate less heat than the first generation computers, but still, there was a problem with ardor.

High-level programming languages such as COBOL and FORTRAN were the manner in it.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Second Generation Computer

3rd Generation of Computers

“Integrated Circuits” (1964-1971)

Integrated Circuit was used for the first tense in third-generation computers. In which the transistors were gash into a small item of silicon spall invite Semi-Conductor. Due to this, the cleverness of the processing of computers has increased to a powerful extent.

For the first time, supervise keyboards, and in operating systems were used to make computers of this offspring more user friendly. It was first launched in the market.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Third Generation Computer

4th Generation of Computers

“Microprocessors” (1971-1985)

In Forth progeny, the Microprocessor was used. Like thousands of Integrated Circuits embedded into a single silicon spall. This force it very easy to reduce the gauge of the machine.

The application of microprocessors increased the effectiveness of the computer even more. The same work was able to do a lot of calculations.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
4th Generation Computer

5th Generation of Computers

“Artificial Intelligence” (1985-present)

The ⅕-stock belongs to the present Time where Artificial Intelligence has established its authority. Now many new technologies like Speech notice, Parallel Processing, Quantum Calculation are coming in the new technology.

This is a race where due to the computer’s Artificial Intelligence, it has the ability to make decisions on its own. Gradually all its work will be machine-controlled.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
5th Generation Computer Laptop

Who invented the computer?

Who is the progenitor of the modern data processor called? Many people have conduced to this Computing Field. But most of all these contributions are from Charles Babbage. The first Analytical Engine was created in 1837.

The concept of ALU, Basic Flow Control, and Integrated Memory was implemented in his agent. Today’s electronic computer was designed by basing itself on this plan. This is why his contribution is the highest. He is also known as the originator Father of the computer.

Units or Parts of Computer

If you have ever looked contained the computer circumstances, you must have found that there are many other components, they consider very intertangle, but they are not really that complicated. Now I will give you some information about these components.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Parts of Computers


The strength circuit board of any information processing system is called the motherboard. It looks like a thin stereotype but it sustains a lot of things like CPU, recollection, connectors for rigid strive and optical drive, to control expansion card video and sound, along with all of the computers. Ports connection. If seen, the motherboard is connected directly or indirectly with all the parts of the computer.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Motherboard of Computer


Do you know the Central Processing Unit or CPU?

It is found in the mainboard of the computer plight. It is also known as Brain of Computer. It controls all the activities within a computer. The more the speed of a CPU, the more it will be able to do the outgrowth.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
CPU of the Computer


We also ken RAM as Random Access Memory.

This is the short term remembrance of the system. Whenever the computer does some calculations, it temporarily deliver that inference in RAM. If the computer is closed, then this data is also lost. If we are engrossment a document, then we have to preserve it We should save our data on an interval, If It saved in Data Hard Drive, then it can last for a long time.

RAM is limited in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). More Sized RAM is meliorate in act.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
RAM of Computer

Power Supply Unit

The power of an influence occupy a unit is to take might from the capital power supply and supply it to all the components according to the demand.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Power Supply of Computer

Expansion Cards

All computers have Expansion Slots so that we can add an Expansion Card in the Tobe. It is also denominated a PCI (Peripheral Components Interconnect) card. But nowadays the motherboard already has many built-in slots.

Fundamentals of Computer and Its Importance in today's life
Expansion Card of Computer

Names of some Expansion Cards that we can use to update old computers.

  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Network Card
  • Bluetooth Card (Adapter)

Modern Types of Main Functional Computer

Whenever we ever hark the use of the computer then only personal computer comes to our mind. Let me acquaint you that computers are of many types. They come in Shapes and Sizes. According to the requirement, we apply them such as ATM to withdraw money, Scanner to consider a barcode, Calculator to do a big calculation. These are all different represent of computers.


People necessity desktop computers for their house, college, and movable work. Their design is in such a journey that we can keep it on our faldstool. They have many parts such as Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case.


You will ken around battery-might laptops, they are very portable as it can be said and can be taken anytime.


Now let’s reason about the Tablet as we also call Handheld Computer, it can be easily caught in the hand.

It does not have a keyboard and mouse, just a touch sensor which is employment for stamp and navigation, Like iPad.


A server is a data processor of some good which we use for sharing notice. For example, whenever we try for something on the Internet, all those things are stored in the salver itself.

Other types of computers

Smartphone: When the Internet is empowering in a normal plastid telephone, we can perform with it by using it, then such a corpuscle phone can assemble a smartphone.

Wearable: Wearable technology is a habitual term for a group of equipment – inclose fitness trackers and smartwatches – designed to allow it to be worn throughout the day. These devices are often called wearables.

Game Console: This game cheer is also a special token of an electronic computer that is used to play video projects on your TV.

Smart TV: A TV is also a type of electronic computer that now contains many applications or apps that transform it into a Smart Tv. You can now watch the video immediately from the Internet on your TV.

Application of Computer

Where is the computer used? If accomplished, we have been used average person has hand computers everywhere in our lives and will continue to do so. It has become a part of us. I have written some of it for your information below.

Computer in Education

In Education Computer played a mail party, if anyone wants to teach about something, then he gotta this instruction in a few critical with the help of it. Research has also shown that with the remedy of computers there is momentous progress in the lore production of any grind. Nowadays, One can teach and can do the study with the support of Online Classes session at home.

Health and Medicine Industries

This is a boom for Health and Medicine diligence. With the help of this, the treatment of the patient is easily done. Nowadays everything has drop digital by which we get to know about the sickness very readily and with that effect, it is also possible to gratification it.

Science and Technology

This occasion it very tranquil to research. Nowadays a new bend is going on which is also called Collaboratory so that all the new scientists can work together, it does not make any difference that you are immediate in which land.

Business Industries

It plays a big part in business to increase productivity and fight. It is used in marketing, retailing, banking, capital analysis. Due to everything being digital here, its projection is very swelling. And nowadays more solicitation is being addicted to Cashless Transaction.

Film and Entertainment Industries

This is a big industry where it uses most, Talk around anything inclination movies, sports, or restaurants It is everywhere.


Nowadays, the government is also benefaction more focus on its use. If we talk going Traffic, Tourism, Information & Broadcasting, Education, Aviation, our work has become very smooth since uses of the Computer.


Their use in the army has also increased substantially. With the help of this our army has become more and more strong. Nowadays everything is controlled with the help of an electronic computer.

Benefits of Computer usage

By the way, it will not be unsuitable to say that the data processor has made the life of human beings as comfortable as possible with the help of its incredible speed, accuracy, and tankage.

With this, anyone can save anything and find anything gently. We can say that a computer is a very versatile coach because it is very flexible in its jobs.

But despite this we can also say that a computer is a very versatile coach as it is very flexible in doing its business, it also has some important further and disadvantages of these machines.

Let us savvy approximately them.

  • Multitasking – Multitasking is a very big gain. In this, a person can easily calculate multiple tasks, multiple operations, numeral problems in normal a few aid. A computer can easily calculate in trillion of instructions per second.
  • Speed – Now it is no longer exactly a calculating opinion. Now it has become a very important part of our person. It is a very big further is its high speed, which prevents it to complete any labor in a very short time. In this case, all operations can be done forthwith, otherwise, it engages a mistake of time to do it.
  • Cost – This is a light-cost explanation. In this, one can accept an accident of stamps on a low budget. A centralized databank can store as much high amount of information as likely so that the cost can be reduced.
  • Accuracy: These computers are very accurate about their calculations, their chances of making a mistake are negligible.
  • Data Security- Protecting digital data is called data security. Computer preserves our digital data from unauthorized users such as a cyberattack or access attack.

Computer Disadvantages

  • Virus and Hacking Attacks – A poison is a mortal program and hacking is called unauthorized access that the Owner does not know about you.

These Viruses can be conveniently spread through email attachments, sometimes even via USB, or can be accessed from any infected websites to your computer. Once it reaches your data processor, it destroys your computer and the data stored in the computer

  • Online Cyber Crimes – Computers and networks are used to do this online cyber-crime. Cyberstalking and identity theft are also covered under the same online cyber-crimes.
  • The diminish in employment opportunity – Since the computer is skillful of doing the work with a single pot, there is a vast loss of employment opportunity.

Therefore, from the banking sector to any governmental sectors, you can see that all the computers are given more importance in people’s employment. Therefore, unemployment is also only increasing

Future of Computer

By the way, a lot of technological changes are coming on the information processing system at every age. These days its befit more affordable and more performing with more capacity. As the needs of followers improve, so this will change also. Previously it was of the shape of a house, now it is going in our hands in the figure of a Smartphone, etc.

There will also fall an opportunity when it will be out of our minds. Nowadays scientists are o more research on Optical computers, DNA computers, neural computers, and Quantum computers. Along with this, a hazard of attention is also being paid to Artificial Intelligence so that they themselves can do their work with ease.

Hopefully, You have literate all the Fundamentals of Computers in a very simple conversation and Hope that you have understood well about Computer Fundamentals and Technology.

I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your proximity, relatives, in your house so that our children will be waken and also knowledge avail by everyone. I need the nurture of you guys so that I can write even more new information.

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