5 New Features For Chrome OS

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I see the word “tab” in a forum or on the desktop, I get excited – especially when it turns out to be a Google Chrome OS Tab! I am particularly fond of the built-in web browser tab features. It works great for my browsing needs and has proven to be quite reliable. But maybe it’s just me… and perhaps Chrome OS could really change that. Let me explain.

5 New Features For Chrome OS
Chrome OS

Chrome OS 87

This extension adds a new feature to Chrome OS: the ability to show multiple quick settings within a window. This is especially great for travelers, who would want to have access to all the same features as they would on a laptop, but in a smaller form factor. It would enable you to easily access your most-used features while minimizing the amount of clutter on your desktop background.

Right now, the feature can only be accessed by going into the “Settings” area of the main menu. 

There, you will find a new tab: “Google Chrome OS 87.” 

Within this new tab, you will find a number of Quick Settings items including a battery level icon, an icon for Bluetooth accessories, and a button for opening individual tabs for any one of several different applications. 

You can also customize the appearance of your keyboard by selecting new key shortcuts in the “Settings” section of this new tab.

This extension is just one of the new wallpapers coming soon to Google Chrome OS. Just two weeks ago, it was announced that four different artists will be coming out with five new original songs for the new operating system. 

The new songs will make use of high-resolution, cartoon-quality images. Four of these songs will be released during Google’s March 4th event. The fifth song will be available at a later date.

In addition to four new songs, there are also a slew of new wallpaper choices. 

The various wallpapers that you can change to improve the look of your device will come in four different resolutions. These resolutions will be available for the Quick settings panel, the lock screen, the desktop, and the phone. 

You can change the resolution for the phone by selecting “Settings” from the “Settings” menu on the phone and then tapping” QR Codes.”

Some of the new features found in this version of Chrome OS are especially interesting. 

One is the Quick Settings bar, which is located at the very top right corner of the screen. Upon clicking the bar, a new panel will appear that displays all of the various options available for use on your Chromebook. Prior to this release, the Quick Settings was only accessible through the “Settings” utility found within most applications.

The final feature we are going to discuss with the new release of Chrome OS is the Bluetooth menu. When you connect a Bluetooth headset, the default function will be to connect to it as if you were trying to connect to another device. 

However, with the new Bluetooth menu, users can access the features that are specific to wireless headphones.

These five new additions make this version of the Chrome OS more interesting than ever. If you are a student or a traveler, you will appreciate having access to so many new features. If you use a laptop or other similar device to do most of your work, you will be able to keep up with what you want to do while away from home without the need to connect to a computer. 

If you are an internet enthusiast and like to keep abreast of new information, the touch-screen capability of the Chrome OS will allow you to do so without the need to use a stylus. 

All of these features make Chrome OS a much more interesting program to play around with than before.

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