All About the New Google Chrome OS

If you have just upgraded to the latest version of Windows OS, you may find that there are quite a few new features available. One such feature is the improved Chrome functionality and user-friendliness. Along with the latest version of Windows, Google Chrome also includes many new features. 

These new features of Chrome OS include a new feature known as the battery status tab.

All About the New Google Chrome OS
New Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS 87

The battery status bar in Chrome OS helps users track their usage of power. The users can simply click on the ‘charging’ icon to display the amount of power used by the system. This useful feature of Chrome OS makes it easy to switch between various modes with the help of this handy icon. The latest release of Chrome OS includes a number of innovative features, including the new tab search tool in the browser. The tabs search feature lets the user find all the open tabs in a web browser. In this new release of Chrome OS, one can search the most used sites using the built-in web search engine.

The Android support in the latest release of Chrome OS is much better than what is found in the older operating system. Users can use the Google Android app to browse the web, check the weather, connect to a GPRS enabled device, manage their email and contact list, manage their bookmarks and search for information on the web. The feature also enables the users to check their battery level via Bluetooth. This allows them to see if they need to charge their phones.

The Google Now feature helps users to look for specific information that they need. It makes it easier for the users to look up information based on recent searches, location, stocks, videos and images. This improved functionality of Google Now enables them to pin-point specific information with the help of a keyboard query. 

The Chrome OS 87 operating system can also be used to access the Google Toolbar through the Bluetooth connection and to search the web via the newly introduced web search engine.

One can get quick settings by connecting their mobile phone or tablet to their computer through USB data transfer. This enables them to edit or change some settings directly from their PC. The best thing about using USB data transfer to link their devices is that it lets them use their favorite apps on their mobile devices even when they are on the go. They can do some work while they are traveling.

This improved version of Chrome OS features a redesigned Task Manager. The tabs in the task manager feature have been simplified to make it easier for the users to locate applications. The tabs include recently used programs, all running processes, running services and all background services. To enable the Bluetooth accessories to work properly, the Bluetooth driver must be updated. Updating the drivers automatically updates the Bluetooth device.

Chrome OS 87 includes an entirely new tab search option. In this new tab search option, you can find all the recently used websites in your desktop. You can search all the websites, whether they are running or not. You can also see which sites are open and which are currently being used by the computer. With this new feature, you can work on the most important websites simultaneously while you are on the move.

Google has bundled in a new feature called “Chrome remote”. With this new feature, you can browse the internet via your Google browser, TV shows and movies via YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter via SMS. All these features make the wireless headphones much more functional. 

You can now have a very mobile and versatile operating system with a simple touch of a button. By using a standard USB cable, one can connect their devices to the computer and use them without any kind of wire. The battery level of the Bluetooth device is very high and it is very easy to charge up via the USB cable if you connect your phone to the computer while the headphones are on.

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