How to Hide Unwanted Driver Updates in Windows

How to Hide Unwanted Driver Updates in Windows
How to Hide Unwanted Driver Updates in Windows

As we all know that Windows updates are necessary for the continued smooth functioning of our operating systems. However, there comes a time when every computer user begins receiving Windows update notifications, even if they do not want to. How to hide driver updates in Windows 10? Let’s find out.

To begin with, you need to have administrator privileges to be able to see the updates. Therefore, open Administrative Tools (found in Start Menu at the bottom of the desktop). Once you’re in the administrative tools you’ll need to go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update. 

Once the window pops up click on the button labeled “Check for updates.” It will take you just a few minutes to perform this check as updates for your system are delivered only when you have administrative privileges. When finished, it will take you another few minutes to save the changes you made.

Now, let’s say that your computer did not receive an update for a certain device or software and you want to revert to the previous settings. What if you don’t want to change everything at once? 

The good news is that you can turn off the automatic updates. 

You can do this by going to the System and Maintenance page. Selecting the “Check For Updates” option will be grayed out and a red flag will appear if you try to turn it off. 

To make sure the system is really running without drivers being updated, run the Windows Update task in Safe Mode.

How to hide driver updates in Windows XP? 

Let’s say that you don’t want the update to appear while you are in the middle of something. You can set the Windows Update to hide it during the update itself. To do this, you should go to the Systems and Maintenance page, under Programs and Features. Click on the Update Driver tab.

If you have installed any new devices, you can click on the “Updates and Hidden Drivers” check box to hide it

When you are done, you will see the updates and hidden drivers under the “Check for updates” section. You should also remember to click on the “Uninstall” button if you want to erase the updates and hidden drivers. It’s very easy to deal with the system utilities that make your PC run smoothly – all you need is to know how to hide them.

It is advisable to close all applications and browser while running the Windows Update. 

You will be prompted with messages like System Optimizations or Device Optimizations. If you want to take down these pop-ups, just click on the x button on the far right side of your keyboard. The x is represented by the square you see when you hold it over the keyboard.

After you have clicked on this square, you will be asked to confirm the update. Click on “Yes”, so that Windows can proceed with the updating process. Finally, you have to wait until the system installations all the drivers you need. 

When the whole process is completed, reboot your system to start using the newly updated device drivers.

There is a simple trick that most people do not know which makes it easier for them to hide outdated drivers. 

Most applications will offer you to update drivers automatically. If you prefer to manually update the drivers, open Control Panel by clicking Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System). Open the System Tools folder and you will find an icon called “System Tools”. 

You should double click on it, so that you can open the folder and find all the items under Driver related options.


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