How to Install The Whatsapp Desktop App video calling on Your Computer

How to Install The Whatsapp Desktop App video calling on Your Computer
Whatsapp Desktop App

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging program. It offers various additional features to its users. Though it’s an online instant messaging program, it also enables to make video and audio calls to any mobile number. 

Using the desktop program, you can easily access whatsapp from your Windows PC as well. If you’re wondering what a desktop Whatsapp program can do for you, here are the different ways on how it can help you.

If you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, then you can make calls from your device with the support of Google Voice. However, this functionality only works on iOS devices because of the Apple’s restrictions. Now, if you’re an Android user who also has an Android phone, but don’t have an iOS device, then you won’t be able to use Google Voice to make calls from your smartphone.

This is where Whatsapp comes in. You can now make video and audio calls from your PC using its desktop program. To use this new feature of WhatsApp.

You need to have an internet connection. The internet connection should be a high speed one or broadband. Your computer should be connected to a high-speed wireless network. If your internet connection isn’t fast enough, then you will have problems making video or audio calls.

To use the WhatsApp desktop program, first, open the program and follow the prompts. It will ask you to sign in using your Google account. Then, select the language you want to communicate in and select the country you live in. Once you’re done, just click the send button and you’re ready to start making video and audio calls.

How to Install The Whatsapp Desktop App video calling on Your Computer
Desktop App

The video calling part of this app is very easy. To make video calls, go to the settings and click the video icon. This will start making calls in the background, so you won’t even know it’s there.

The scan function will allow you to find all contacts, email addresses, and tasks you’ve saved on your desktop as well as what you’re doing on your phone. To use the scanner, just tap the top right corner and look for contacts and tasks. You can go through all the information on your contact, email, or task if you want. To access your complete profile, just touch the top right corner again.

One of the coolest features of this program is its integration with your Facebook account. You will be able to chat with your friends while you’re on the go. 

You can send video calls to your friends as well. This is one of the best ways to stay connected to your friends and family while you’re on the go. The WhatsApp desktop app makes sending video and audio messages on your PC a breeze, so you’ll never have to look for a new application again.

The WhatsApp desktop app has a feature that will allow you to put the camera icon on your desktop so that you can take photos and video calls. 

The top right corner will hide any other icons, so you will only see the ones you want to use. You can change your settings by clicking on the small arrow button in the center, so you can change any setting that you would like to have on your PC.

The last major feature of this unique mobile chat app is the group call. If you join a large group, then you might find it hard to talk with everyone about something specific. 

This group call will help you stay connected to everyone who needs to speak with you. When you enter a group call, the focus will automatically shift to the individuals you wish to be connected with.

You can also scan a QR code to open up your desktop app. The QR code will enable your device to perform functions such as scanning and loading a particular chat application. 

To do this, simply tap the “scan” or “save to” button on the lower portion of your device’s screen. A list of your chosen chat programs will be displayed on the screen. Simply tap one to start chatting.

The last step to downloading and installing WhatsApp onto your device is to follow the easy-to-follow steps in the installer. It is important to follow the prompts since some installed desktop versions may not be compatible with your device. 

You can download a free version of this app from the official website or use an alternative method by copying the entire WAP file of a different desktop version to your device. 


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