Doonfire News and Updates – 10,000mAh-plus S59 Pro smartphone

Doonfire News and Updates - 10,000mAh-plus S59 Pro smartphone
10,000mAh-plus S59 Pro smartphone

DOOE has announced the newest member of their popular Duo Phone family – the S59 Pro. The phone is a high-end smartphone that comes with a sleek, slim design as well as a big, 6.2-inch screen. It offers a unique dual-screen feature allowing users to use one display at full HD and the other in higher resolution. 

They also have integrated GPS and an IP address scanner on the device as well as a host of customizable features including volume and gesture control. The S59 Pro also offers a fast-charging system as well as support for various wireless networks including the Alltel, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Users can also use it as a PDA and check their email in the comfort of their own home.

In May, DOOE will be hosting a contest to find the best smartphone. The winner will get a chance to test drive one of their latest creations as well as entering a daily drawing for a grand prize. 

If you are an iPhone user, you will love this because you will be getting to test out a brand-new smartphone before it is released to the general public. The winner will also receive a gift voucher from DOOE as well as an Apple ipod mini.

One of the highlights of the DOEOE announcements was the release of the Fathom, a smartphone that offers a complete home entertainment experience. With more than 30 features and media sharing options, this hands free helper can transform the way you watch television, movies, and music. 

You can easily view media and listen to music without taking your eyes off the tube. This device offers a wide range of connectivity options as well as a wide variety of content options. With the ability to cast streaming video, it will make watching TV like never before.

Another favorite in the DOOE news was their partnership with Amazon. This special offer gives shoppers extra benefits as they buy two phones at once. First, when they purchase the Amazon Fire Phone through DOOE, they receive a free iPad. Second, they receive a free month of unlimited Amazon Prime.

In addition to these two amazing offers, they have also worked hard to expand into new areas as well. They announced a partnership with Vodafone to allow customers to receive FREE home delivery on select phones. 

In addition, the company also announced a partnership with Vodafone to allow customers to receive FREE monthly talk time as well as free minutes. As you can see, there are many exciting and beneficial opportunities for consumers. In fact, it seems like the relationship between the company and Vodafone is even better than their previous partnership with T-Mobile.

DOOE has also announced a new type of mobile gaming that will be available on the Fire Phone. This game will work in conjunction with Amazon. Players will be able to “customize” their phones so that it matches their needs and preferences.

If you are into real-time strategy games or MMORPGs, this is definitely an interesting concept. If you are not familiar with games, this could be a great feature for you to try out.

The other thing that they announced was that they are going to be hosting a number of “Fireside Talks” throughout the year. These talks are going to provide “insider” information on the latest products, as well as conversations about what consumers should be expecting in the near future. 

In addition to this, they announced that they are going to be releasing an application on the App Store called Doonfire. This application will allow users to get tips and advice from people within the Amazon marketplace. 

Doonfire is similar to the D-Lux review we published a while back, but instead of looking at a product comparison, Doonfire allows users to get information directly from people within the Amazon marketplace.

Overall, it looks like DOOE wants to continue to be a viable competitor in the smartphone market. 

In addition to the news that they are working on Doonfire, they also announced several other new smartphone applications as well. We are looking forward to seeing some of these new applications on the market as well. 

As long as the platform holds true to their principles, we are confident that there will be significant staying power for the brand in the smartphone market. In the future, we believe that they may have greater staying power than many of their competitors, as well.

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