Popular Google Doodle Games For Kids

There are now 5 newly released Google Doodle apps which you can freely play on mobile, desktop, or tablet computers. They will be available for a week, with another 5 apps coming up each weekday. 

This is an amazing opportunity for me to share what I know about these innovative applications which many of you will find interesting. I have used them to organize and plan a family get-togethers, create different types of music and also to play fun online games. I hope you find them useful and please remember that there is always more to learn.

Popular google doodle games
Popular google doodle games

One of my favorite Google Doodle apps is called Google Scrub. This is a game which is a spin on the well known Scrabble game. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Scrabble; the game where you rub your tiles to make them become like rocks or pebbles. The aim of Google Scrub is to make as many different types of objects as possible in as short a time as possible. It’s a simple yet addicting game and it really comes across as a real fun application.

Another of Google’s popular doodle games is called April Fools Day. You can take on the role of an online prank caller and call people on their birthdays, in a funny attempt to see who gets the joke closest to April’s birthday. You only need a PC and Internet access to start playing. You can compete against other online users for the highest score and become the best April Fools Day player.

Another version of Google’s popular doodle games are the Hip Hop and Rhyme Games. In this version you have to select pictures that begin to be drawn. When they get to the stage of being drawn, you have to click on the draw and release the mouse. 

Your goal is to make the drawing as close to the original as possible within a limited time period. There are also other challenges such as trying to create a rhyme, a funky design, or create a fictional character.

We’re expecting a lot more to come as the search giant looks to bring back its most popular products. It will also continue to highlight some of its most popular search terms. That includes Memoires, Proverbs, and Songs. The goal is to provide users with a fun and interesting ways to enjoy the content it provides on a daily basis.

For those who love cooking and baking, there will be an April fool’s great game of April’s birth. It will pit you against the professional chef from the New York Times to see who gets the most correct answers to the questions posed. 

Many of the answers are posted on the game’s website for members to learn, and you only have one chance to get it right to win. April’s birth, as the name suggests, celebrates garden gnomes, and we expect many more future doodle games to feature pets, foods, and even cooking or baking recipes.

If you enjoy code cracking and enjoy creating programs, you will be excited to hear that April’s assignment is to crack the covid-19 mystery. The assignment is available to those who have previously taken the previous puzzle challenge, the covid-15, and the covid-8. 

This time around, you are required to decode and recreate two highly confidential documents found in the NSA’s internal database. One document has been redone and reworked to make it much harder to decipher, while the other has been left completely unchanged. You are given one hour to solve this April’s mystery while filling in the blanks with correct answers.

All of these popular Google Doodle games are just part of what is available at Google. This search giant has many other seasonal puzzles to keep you entertained. Users can even create their own and submit them to the site, to share with friends. In addition to keeping you entertained, doing so can help to reduce your carbon footprint while you work toward having a green environment to live in.

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