How to Enable Dark Mode on a Chromebook

Turn Off Your Chromebook at Night With This Simple Trick

How to Enable Dark Mode on a Chromebook
How to Enable Dark Mode on a Chromebook

One of the most unique features of the new Chromebook is the availability of “night mode.” It’s a feature that Google ChromeOS builders designed with the understanding that people who use their computers on a regular basis at night may benefit from a means of protecting their eyes against the rising light. 

This is especially true for many people who use their computer on their laps, for instance. The feature works very well in that it helps to ensure that people don’t end up looking like their screen lit up and is very helpful for use when you’re working on your tablet or laptop as a background light too.

How to enable dark mode on Chromebook (and also on your other Linux/Mac OS X systems) is pretty straight forward actually. Basically, you’ll need to have the Linux Nightly package installed in your computer if you want to use the dark mode feature. 

This is a software program that is used to test and debug Chrome OS and has the ability to make changes to the way your computer works. Fortunately, this program should already be installed on your PC or laptop if you’re using Windows – so all that you’ll need to do is download and install it onto your Chromebook.

How to Enable Dark Mode on a Chromebook
Super Dark Mode

Once that is done, you’ll need to head into the Chrome menu and look for “Settings.” From there, you’ll need to click the appropriate button for the operating system that you’re using. For Windows users, that button is normally the one that says “Settings.” If you’re on a Mac OS X system, the button will be something else. This is because OS X has its own type of setting menu, which you can access by clicking on the “System settings” icon in the system tray.

Once you’ve found this, you can then enable dark mode. To do this, first, you need to click the “Settings” option on the main screen of your Chromebook. The next step is to choose “ui-night mode.” This will allow you to see a special theme that changes the background of the screen to that of the current time (in this case, night).

To do this, you’ll need to click on the “theme” drop-down menu. This will change the currently selected theme to that of your choice. Once you have done so, you’ll need to select the “end result” drop-down menu as well. This will change the current theme back to the one you were trying to achieve.

How to enable dark mode on Chromebooks is incredibly easy, once you know what to do. One thing that could be useful though is to enable the display of a notification shade, such as the one that can be seen on many new Chrome OS devices. You can do this by going into the “Settings” section of your device and selecting “Settings” > “Notifications,” then “Show battery level.” When you are in there, you will be able to change the visibility of these notification shades with a simple touch.

How to enable dark mode on a Chromebook can be done but it is not as easy as some other methods. You should ensure that your Chromebook is not left on for too long, as random reboots could occur that will end up making you lose data. Also, you will want to ensure that there is no sudden power surge anywhere around you as this could also cause the feature to fail. 

It is important to remember that in order to fully utilize the dark mode feature on your device, it must remain active. If you attempt to turn it off, it will simply return to the light mode and you will be faced with the same problem you had before.

How to enable dark mode on Chromebooks with screens that use the ink feature is quite simple. Simply go into “Settings” > “IME” and select “Yes” to enable the feature. You will be prompted with a screen that looks like a black box with six colored bars. Clicking any of the six sides will allow you to turn on the night mode with your touchscreen.

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