How to Extract Password Protected RAR Files?

How to Extract Password Protected RAR Files
How to Extract Password Protected RAR Files

How to extract password protected RAR files without password is a question asked by a number of computer users who frequently work with the archive. RAR files (Real Simple Archive File) are archive files that have been compressed and have been prepared to be used as Zip files. 

They are usually used for making backup copies of large data files such as those created using Microsoft Outlook or other email programs. RAR archive files can also be used for making multiple backup copies of data or of the same data in a very short time.

Password protected RAR files are difficult to create or open. They are stored on the computer hard disk and they are opened only by an authorized Windows administrator. This means that anyone with access to the computer can open or save any RAR file. 

The only thing that a user needs to do to open a password protected RAR archive is to know the password. How to extract password protected RAR file without password is to know how to open it. This can be done by following certain instructions given below.

To open a RAR file, the user should disconnect from the network. It is also important to disconnect all other external devices as they may also affect the performance of the computer. In the Control Panel, go for the Security tab and click on the button called Network and Internet Options. 

It is recommended that this option is always selected. This will configure the computer settings to allow Internet access.

Once the above steps are completed, the user should close all unnecessary programs and utilities and then restart the computer. It is important to remember that when the computer is restarted, it will need to restart the AutoComplete process and the password protection will disappear. 

The user should now be able to view the contents of the extracted folder. They will see all files that were successfully extracted.

How to Extract Password Protected RAR Files
How to Extract Password Protected RAR Files

How to extract password protected RAR files is not very difficult provided that one knows how to proceed in such situations. One has to right click the extracted file and choose Properties. Here the current password will be displayed. Clicking on the “Change” button will give the user the ability to change the file’s security password. Note that if one forgets or changes the security password, the file will be inaccessible and hence deleting it will also be unsuccessful.

One may think that changing the password of a password protected RAR archive is not the correct procedure. However, this is actually an effective technique. One must note that even if one has the ability to break into the database of any typical RAR program, they cannot access the files that are in the archive. Changing the password will give access to the files that are in the archive and hence allowing the user to extract them.

How to extract password protected RAR files can also be learned by learning how to use WinRar. Once one has become familiar with the working of this software, they may open the file that they want to extract and use the password protect feature of WinRar to stop others from modifying the file. In fact, WinRar is capable of encrypting RAR files and thus making them virtually impossible to open without the proper password.

When one tries to open a RAR file using WinRar, it will display a message such as “protected archive is locked”. This is because the file that is being opened has an embedded private key. To extract password protected RAR files without getting this message, one has to use another extraction method such as Stuffit. Stuffit is a simple utility that works by trying various algorithms to find the right directory to extract the file from. The advantage of Stuffit is that it does not require the knowledge of any programming languages.

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