Steps to Disable Message Notifications on Lock Screen

Steps to Disable Message Notifications on Lock Screen

Steps to disable WhatsApp notification on the lock screen are as numerous as the number of people who love to use it. The messaging service from Facebook is a very popular one but there are certain quarters that do not like it at all. 

These people would like to keep their privacy and their usage of the service a secret. Some also prefer to use an alternative method of getting in touch with their loved ones. Whatever may be the reason, the fact remains that it still can give rise to a lot of privacy issues.

Whatsapp is different from the typical services that are used by most people today. It is an application that is exclusive to a person’s phone and not to any other gadget or software. When one uses this service, one is required to create an account on the social networking site using a valid email address and a user name that matches exactly the way one wishes to be called.

One may use a variety of methods to create an account on the service such as the web, email or even through a mobile device. Once the user is logged on, one may send text messages to others in the form of chat. 

The messages that one sends will appear on the recipient’s mobile phone screen instantly. However, some people prefer not to broadcast messages to the world because of various reasons.

Some may feel that they should not have to give out their personal details because the information is being held confidential. However, this is not true. 

There are many people around the world who do not wish to share their contact details and their identity is known to just a few people. Even if one does not want to use it for any purpose, it is possible to turn off the alert on one’s status and prevent it from appearing on the lock screen. There are various ways of doing this.

Steps to Disable WhatsApp Notification on Lock Screen

There are instructions that can be found on the official Google Android and Apple iOS apps regarding the steps to take. However, these are only available for users of the respective platforms and not users of iPhones. This means that one may have to use third-party apps for this purpose.

  • The first step that one should take is to go into the app and look for the Privacy tab. 

Here one can look for the option to turn off the alert. However, this option is only applicable for new accounts. If one already has an account, then this option may not work. This is because new accounts are usually associated with a newer version of the service. This means that a newer version of the app will be able to receive notifications from the official account itself.

Once one has reset the privacy settings on the app, one may proceed to use the app without any notifications. However, there are certain steps that one must follow in order to make the most out of this. 

  • First, one must download a virus scanner called XoftSpy to prevent malicious files from infecting one’s phone. 

One may look for this in the Google Play Store or at any other reputable app directory online. Once this is downloaded, one may proceed to remove the malicious software from the system.

  • Now, one has to enter the account user ID and password to access the official app. 
  • One should note down the code that is displayed on the Android screen. Once the code is noted down, one can use the official WhatsApp application to enter the code into the “Settings” section of the app. 
  • One should note down the same code again, so that one can refer to it in case the device has been locked or if one needs to reset the password of the account. 

These are the basic steps to disable a Phone notification on the lock screen. One can easily accomplish this by following the same procedure as one did earlier in the article.

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