How to Reinstall Audio Drivers in Windows 10

How to Reinstall Audio Drivers in Windows 10
How to Reinstall Audio Drivers in Windows 10

For many computer users having Windows operating systems, the built-in audio drivers are run by Realtek HD Audio Drivers. Realtek High Definition Audio Manager is basically a software tool utilized to control sound in Windows and is the pre-installed default program for Windows 10 operating systems. 

Despite the fact that there is an option to select other audio drivers, it is best to stick to the one provided by Realtek. It is not only free of charge but also easy to use. There is no need to mess around with complicated setup procedures when using the program.

How to reinstall audio drivers in Windows 10? 

The first thing to do is to download, install, and activate your chosen audio drivers in your Windows 10 operating system. To do this, go to “Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > High-definition Audio Driver. Once you are there, double click on the “Install/Uninstall” tab under which there is an option of selecting “Yes” or “No.” You may want to double-check your choice so that you will not regret later on.

Once you have made the decision to uninstall the program, double-click on the appropriate icon to proceed with the removal of it from your computer. This may be achieved by clicking on “Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and then double-clicking on Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers in the list. 

Once you have done this, you will notice a window appears with a progress icon at the bottom right corner. Clicking this will bring up a new window and a dialogue box with a number of choices. The dialog box will vary according to your particular driver; therefore, you may want to choose some helpful tips. It is advisable to read any instructions on your Realtek drivers before attempting to remove it from your system.

One of the most useful features that can be found in any good utility is the ability to search automatically for the latest Realtek drivers. To enable this function, you have to click “Search” on the tool’s menu. A search will be started and all the Realtek drivers related to your system will be displayed in the search result. 

Double-click on any of the files found and once you have selected them, it will be possible for the files to be fixed and then the installation process can be continued. This will ensure that your device’s performance is not affected when Windows is updated.

When you encounter a problem that requires you to update your device’s driver, you should use the device manager to determine its manufacturer and model. You have to know which devices are manufactured by a company other than Microsoft. 

If the information provided by the device manager does not provide you with the necessary information, you should search for the device manufacturer directly. The manufacturer of your audio device must be in one of the following places:

You can also perform a manual restore of your audio device if you want to replace the factory driver. You have to open the device manager and click the “ports” tab. Once you are in the edit section, you can click on browse and search for your audio device’s driver. 

You can choose to replace the existing driver or manually type in your driver name and replace the driver. The restore function will take quite some time so be patient while editing your drivers.

The most important step in the process of reinstalling audio drivers in Windows 10 is to close all the programs that were currently running when you decided to perform the task. It is also important to close all the applications that were opened. 

Clicking the “start” button will also allow you to see the device manager list. Right-click on the device in the device manager list and click “restore.” If you want to replace a particular driver, you may opt to search for it in the device manager instead.

To update your audio device, you can do this by clicking on the “store” icon in the task bar. When you click on the “store” icon, you will be able to search for your latest updates. These updates will help your device function more smoothly and will make it more attractive to the eyes of other users. 

Some people opt to download their updates directly from the manufacturer’s website. This can work if your audio device comes from a reliable manufacturer. However, it is advisable to get the latest official updates for the sake of your sound system.

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