New Facebook Products You Might Want to Check Out

New Facebook Products You Might Want to Check Out
New Facebook Products You Might Want to Check Out

Facebook has removed some very useful features from its Messenger and Instagram services. The functionality that was lost included the ability to bookmark items and the news feed. Now Facebook has temporarily disabled this functionality while they are fixing the bugs. This article explains what is being changed and why. I will also tell you how to restore the missing functionality.

Facebook has removed the ability for the user to change their email address, their account password or their profile pictures. If you attempt to change any part of your account it will only return a blank profile page. 

You can only change your account password or settings if you have access to the Internet. Now Facebook is trying to resolve this problem by displaying a lock symbol when you attempt to make any changes. This change was obviously made in an attempt to prevent people from using your account to conduct illegal activities.

Facebook now makes it harder to change your email address. To use Facebook Accounts, you will need to provide a valid email address. Previously the user could create a new account and use that as a means of changing their email. 

If you enter the incorrect email address, it will return a “mail is not valid” error. Facebook is making it harder to access your account so you should start to move your mail to your primary email address and stopping all usage of secondary accounts.

Facebook’s new messaging feature requires the Facebook Account owner to verify their email before sending a message. This makes it harder for spammers to create automated spam messages to automatically spam your friend’s accounts. 

If you wish to be able to send a message you must request a verification code. The verification code is sent to the email address you specify on the Facebook settings. This requires the user to visit the Facebook applications page and input their code after clicking the send button.

Another key feature in Facebook’s messaging application requires the use of a phone number. In Facebook messenger, you are only allowed to send messages to people with who you have friended or shared a conversation. 

The newest version of this feature requires the use of a phone number as well. To use this new feature all you have to do is click on the send button and then type the phone number where you would like the message to be sent to. Once you hit send the person’s name will appear in a notification on their Facebook profile.

The Newsfeed is also changing. It now allows anyone to post up to seven stories at once. All seven of these stories can be viewed by everyone in your Facebook network. Prior to this feature, you could only post one story at a time to a certain group of friends. This feature was used primarily for news coverage of events and weather forecasts. Now all stories can be posted to all those in your network.

The Newsfeed is still being tweaked and it is unclear when it will be implemented into the main Facebook platform. For now, the feature can only be accessed from the Facebook login. Anyone with a Facebook account can access the Newsfeed. Facebook is working on ways to make the Newsfeed more useful and user friendly. 

Eventually, the feature will be available to everyone who has an account with Facebook. Until then you can use the old-style way of accessing the Newsfeed, by clicking on the Account link located on the far right side of the main page in the top navigation bar.

Overall Facebook is adding several new features on a regular basis. They continue to improve the user experience and offer innovative ways to communicate with your friends and family. You should check back often to see all of the new features that are added each week. You might find something you like sooner rather than later!

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