10 Best Free Text Messages Services Offered By Various Mobile Networks

10 Best Free Text Messages Services Offered By Various Mobile Networks
10 Best Free Text Messages Services Offered By Various Mobile Networks

Free Text Messaging Apps is the way of staying in touch with your loved one, whether you are in a relationship or not. Free SMS messaging apps help you send text messages for free without having to pay a cent.

The most popular among mobile communication services is the popular messaging apps like SMS Central or RingCentral. They help you to send text messages to a number of people within minutes. You can select the numbers from a large database and then send them as text messages.

Free SMS also helps you track your messages sent and received. You can monitor the time when you have last sent a text message and the number that has been updated.

The messages sent are also shown as a summary, so you do not have to click on each number to read what you are sending. Some services let you do this in real time too.

These free text message services are not just useful for those who engage in casual chatting. Free SMS also includes some features that are designed for professional use. Many free text message services provide many useful facilities like automatic redial, voice to email, bulk dialing, push to talk and much more.

You can also get text messages on weather, business updates and sports scores from your phone. In short, you can make free text messages for all your uses.

Free SMS comes with several benefits. You can send text messages anytime and anywhere. You need not carry an extra cell phone or pager. The free text message service is available in almost all the countries. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a Free SMS text option.

Free SMS services allow you to send unlimited text messages and even make unlimited outgoing calls to other people. You can also add pictures and images to your text messages. As you can see, the features offered by Free SMS are excellent.

However, not all free text message services offer great features. So, you have to be very careful while selecting a free text message service provider. You have to check out whether the provider offers the desired features or not. Remember, you cannot afford to miss any important communication function.

As you start using free text message services, you will find various companies providing free text messages. But, there are few things that you have to keep in mind while selecting a free text message company. First of all, you must find out if the service provider allows you to switch between different network anytime.

It is true that most of the free text messaging service providers do allow you to switch easily. However, you must know the charges of switching over. Check the terms and conditions to find out whether the service provider charges you extra bucks when you switch over to a different network.

Some free text message service providers offer free video messages along with free text message services. If you are looking for a suitable video message service, then you must focus on such services that are offered by popular companies like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others.

The good thing about video messages is that they help you in getting a better view of the person who is talking to you. Moreover, these videos can be viewed from any location so far you have an internet connection.

Free text message services offered by some mobile network providers to provide you with the option of sending animated texts. This means that the messages get animated when you send them. These texts can also be sent while taking a phone call. While talking on the phone, you can just tap on the screen of your mobile device and send a text animation.

Some other useful text messages include ones which remind you about any upcoming event, offer you tips for your daily routine etc. It is up to you to choose the kind of text message service that you want to avail. Once you select a particular text service provider, you can send text messages from your mobile device.

You should remember one important thing that you should not use up excess texting resources. So, you should only use a particular amount of memory resource in a single text message.

With the help of free text message service, you can send lots of information about yourself and convey any kind of message to your loved ones instantly. A lot of mobile network service providers are offering different kinds of offers at different times of the year, so it is up to you to find out the best time to avail their offers. So what are you waiting for, avail a free text message service now!

Top 10 Free Texting Apps

  1. Text Free App
  2. Text Me
  3. TextMe Up
  4. TextNow
  5. Talkatone
  6. textPlus
  7. Google Voice
  8. SendSMSNow
  9. Way2SMS
  10. 160by2


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