How to Uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows – A Guide to Uninstalling It

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows - A Guide to Uninstalling It
How to Uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows – A Guide to Uninstalling It

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new tool for its users called the “registry cleaner”. This cleaner will help remove all unwanted and redundant entries that are in the Windows Registry. These invalid entries could also be corrupted by many applications that you have installed on your PC.

How to uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows 10

The Windows Registry is an information database that stores information about the hardware and software configuration and other system settings of your computer.

If the system requires repair or cleaning, you can simply run a registry cleaner software. This software will scan the registry and repair all invalid or missing files that are in it.

To start, you should open the Start Menu. From there, go to Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs. Once you have selected the program that you want to remove from the list, click on “Remove”.

However, before you begin, be sure that you restart your computer in order to allow the registry entries to be removed properly.

The registry cleaner tool should be downloaded from the web. When you have downloaded the program, it is recommended that you backup your registry first.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows – A Guide to Uninstalling It

This is to ensure that if there are any accidents when you uninstall the program, you can still restore the files using the backup. If you do not have any backup, then you might end up reinstalling the whole program again, which is not ideal at all.

After you have downloaded and installed the registry cleaner program, you should close all the programs and applications that you are currently working on. It is advisable that you do this even if you are not connected to the internet.

Once you have closed all the applications and programs, it is time for you to go to the main menu of your computer. At the main menu, go to Run and type regedit in the box that is opened.

You will see the regedit window. Once you click on the editor, a regedit dialog box will appear. You will need to enter the following information: name of the application that you want to uninstall, its file extension, its entry name and its size in kilobytes. Once you enter all these numbers, a list of registry keys will appear. The number of keys will determine how many files you will need to remove.

Once you see the files that are related to the program that you want to uninstall, you can delete them one by one. Just make sure that you follow the prompts to fully remove the files.

Do not forget to save your changes before you finish removing them. Once you are done, restart your computer and you will see that all the uninstalled files have been completely removed from your computer system.

How to uninstall Microsoft office in Windows is quite easy if you know how to do it. It is also important to know that although this application is popular, it is also prone to problems.

You should update the program with the latest version, so that the files that are no longer needed are removed. This way, you will get the best performance out of your computer.

One of the most common problems that people experience when they attempt to uninstall this application is that the registry keys associated with it are left behind. To make sure that these files are totally erased from your Windows, you need to use a registry cleaner.

There are different types of registry cleaners that are available. Some are available for free, while others are available with a price tag. If you are going to use a free registry cleaner, you should make sure that you can back up your data first.

Aside from using a registry cleaner, you should also make sure that you do not delete the registry key that is required to run the program. This is the only key that will be deleted when you uninstall it.

Of course, you cannot expect your computer to work properly without this key because it is used to start applications. After the program is uninstalled, you should then reinstall it. It is advisable to use the same program that you used to uninstall it.

By following these tips, you should have no problem in learning how to uninstall Microsoft office in Windows. This application has a lot of features but it is better if you can learn how to deal with them.

If you really want to fully uninstall it, you should do a complete cleaning first and then uninstall it again using a registry cleaner. These tips will ensure that you do not encounter problems when you try to uninstall this application.


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