How to Split Large File Into Multiple Folders Easily

How to Split Large File Into Multiple Folders
How to Split Large File Into Multiple Folders

How to split a large folder into multiple folders? Do you want to know how to efficiently manage large amount of files and data in your system without making your system messy?

You need not worry anymore, because there is good news for you. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have such powerful tools as Microsoft Windows XP recovery and repair that will help us solve almost all types of computer problems.

To fix various PC problems you can use the Microsoft windows XP repair tool known as Restore point.

The most common problem regarding large files is they are so big that you are unable to open them with Explorer. It is impossible to locate the large files and view their contents in Explorer even if you have a huge folder stored on your hard disk.

To effectively resolve this issue, we need to perform the following steps. Follow the tips given below and successfully fix the following issues related to large files and multiple folders.

Split Large File Into Multiple Folders

Let us start fixing the above-mentioned problems by using the Microsoft windows XP registry cleaner. This piece of software is able to fix various errors such as corrupted DLL files, missing application files, missing file associations, invalid palette settings, installation of programs, invalid access and many more.

It will scan your computer properly. After it scans your computer it will list down all the errors found. The good thing about the Registry repair tool is that it has a backup facility which means it will save your changes before editing.

Now, how to fix various PC problems related to large files and multiple folders? If you want to effectively reduce the size of your Windows system then it is important to know how to split large files and multiple folders into smaller ones.

The first thing that you need to do is backup your system. Backing up your system will allow you to restore any changes that have been made in the process of cleaning your system. You should also clean out all the temporary files on your system before you start the backup process.

The next thing that you need to do is to open the Winzip application and upload your files to Winzip. To use Winzip, you will need to sign up as a free member in the website and then follow the simple instructions offered.

Click “Upload Zip File” and name your new zip file. After this step you can safely proceed to Winzip to upload your newly created folder.

The third and final step on how to split up large folders and multiple folders into multiple Zip files is to go to the Control Panel > Add Remove Programs. Go to the Uninstall program and delete the application that you have just used.

In the same window, browse the program that you have used to clean your computer. This will help you to remove the program from your computer permanently.

Once you are done with these steps, you should close all unnecessary programs and remove all icons on your desktop or other windows that may not be needed. You can now proceed to Winzip to upload your folder that has been split into multiple files into Zip files. Choose “Yes” when it asks you if you want to compress the files and save it to a destination that you choose.

If you have used the above steps properly, you should end up with a single folder with one single Zip file. To test if the Zip file has been successfully split into multiple files, you can right click it and check out the contents for information such as size and other attributes.

It is important that you have a good understanding of the gpop and unzip utilities before you try it. These are two of the best piece of software for accomplishing tasks related to large file splits.


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