What Google Won’t Do-Google’s New feature Split screen

What Google Won't Do-Split screen
What Google Won’t Do-Split screen

Is Google’s new feature called “Split screen” going to be the breakthrough that lets you use two different apps on one screen? That could very well be Google’s next big idea.

The idea is that if you are using one app on your Android phone and another app on your tablets, you can see two different applications on the same screen.

Right now if you want to play a game on your tablet, you would tap the game up to the left to go to the menu and then tap the game back to select it from the list. If you want to watch a movie on your TV, you would simply lift the screen and then touch the centre.

Google Will Revamp Its Split Screen Feature on Android 12
However, this may very well be a problem.

It may look very neat, but it does present some usability problems for those who use it on their phones.

One example is if you are watching a movie on your TV and want to scroll through something on your Android phone, you’d have to stop your movie or TV show to scroll through what you are watching.

This means you would either miss the part you wanted to look at or have to rewind the film or show it again. So perhaps only those who use their phones for media will benefit from this latest version of Android.

Another issue with this new feature could be the possibility of having to double tap the screen to zoom in and out. We’ve all done this a hundred times when trying to find a picture on an internet site or a photograph in a photo album.

We know how frustrating this can be. And we also know how irritating it can be when we get that old mobile phone home to try and carry it in our pocket. What if you had to physically touch the screen to zoom in and out?

There are some suggestions, Google may make to help with this. One idea is that you could only show the full version of an image if you were using a Google Android device.

It may even limit the number of views you can have of the image in the full version. Another feature may allow the user to see only the thumbnail when they are viewing a certain section of an image. This will prevent the user from zooming in and out too far.

It’s unclear what else Google wants to do with its Android operating system. The company has said it wants to focus on the security and privacy of its users.

With these two issues possibly in place, it will be interesting to see what Google comes up with over time. For now, though, they’ve struck gold with the ability to share documents and pictures. With more features like this coming soon, we should definitely see a lot more from Google in the months to come.

If you’re one of the few people who have not already joined the Google revolution, then you might want to do so today. The company has not released any numbers about its revenue, but it looks like they may be raking in the dough like no other company right now.

Right now they are the biggest search engine in the world. With all their great features and great looks, it may be hard for them to surpass Yahoo and Microsoft in that arena.

As with any other website, Google also has a way to make its content easy to read and navigate. One recent update added a new feature that allows a user to quickly go right into the Google Maps page.

That means if someone wants to look up information on the London subway system, they just click on the London Google Maps icon instead of searching for the city address on the home screen. While it may seem insignificant, this small yet useful feature makes it easier for someone to utilize their Google subscription.

While it’s impossible to say what Google will not do in the future, looking at their current platform, things look bright.

They have the best looking interface in the world and they have one of the most intuitive navigation features around. While other companies may try to come up with a solution, Google is already one step ahead of them.


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