How to Make a Group Voice Or Video Call Using WhatsApp

How to Make a Group Voice Or Video Call Using WhatsApp
How to Make a Group Voice Or Video Call Using WhatsApp

Now, a days everyone prefers to stay in touch through their mobile phones like friend or family members. The ease at which we can talk to anybody anywhere and anytime has made it so popular in recent times.

You could now make video or group voice calls using your mobile phone in the comfort of your home. You can do this with anybody who has an internet connection. There is no need to pay extra for long-distance calls.

There are several services which are offered by messenger software for you to make these calls. Messenger software like whatsapp or windows messenger offers you a special feature which is known as group chat.

You might not know it but you would have used it many times before now without even realizing it. The feature allows you to invite all your close friends to share their views on any particular topic that is relevant to you.

Now lets see how to make a video call with whatsapp. There are two ways of doing it. The first way is to use your microphone or a web cam. The second way is to use your PC.

Now depending on what kind of connection you have to the internet you should use the different methods accordingly. If you don’t have much internet connectivity then using a web cam might be the best option for you.

The basic idea behind making a video call over internet using whatsapp is that you create a group and invite your friends to join that group.

Your friend with whom you have created the group will be the one to start the call. Whenever anyone wants to join your group he/she has to accept to join. Once he/she has accepted then the rest of the members of the group can join as well.

Now here comes the process of making the video chat session. You need to select a name for your group. This should be something that is memorable for all the members. Make sure it’s not some generic name like “my group” or “my friends”.

Then you have to select a picture that you want your video session to be uploaded. Now, the thing about using a microphone for your voice over is that there are chances of getting your voice messed up if the sound quality of your computer is not good. So you should download a decent recording software that allows you to record using a microphone.

Also try to record using the best quality possible. You might want to go for something better if your microphone is not good enough.

Next you need to record your own voice. You can do this either by using a microphone or by using the phone book. When it comes to recording your own voice, make sure you use a high quality microphone so as to give a clear and crisp voice.

And don’t say anything during the recording that you would like to keep back. Say whatever is needed be it brief or long needed.

After you have recorded your own voice and then recorded your message, now all that is left is for you to send your message. But before that you need to select a group on whatsapp and then send your message there.

In order to make it look more professional, you could say that this is a group chat and then add your name as a member of the group. Now you are done learning how to make a group voice or video call using whatsapp.

Step to make a group voice or video call 

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger
  • Tap on calls tab next to the status tab
  • Tap on call button
  • Choose the contact and select to call.
  • Before Contact List – You will find the Group call options
  • In Groups call- You can add participants to whom you want to call
  • After adding, contacts will be displayed on the top of the list
  • you can tap on the phone and video camera button to make a group calls


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