Intel Alder Lake Chipsets Could Arrive As Soon As September

Intel Alder Lake Chipsets Could Arrive As Soon As September
Intel Alder Lake Chipsets Could Arrive As Soon As September

Intel Alder Lake Processors could arrive as early as September this year. The chip giant has already showcased some of the products and specifications that it will be bringing with them to the consumers.

Many have already speculated on whether Intel will be releasing their new A-series processors in the first half of this year or the second half of it.

If you are a PC enthusiast and you want to make sure that you will always get the latest and the best from your processor, it would really do you a lot of good if you would be keeping an eye out for the official release of these A-series processors.

Intel Alder Lake Chipsets Could Arrive As Soon As September – rumor Is True!

Intel Alder Lake CPUs could arrive as soon as September
So what should you expect from this brand new line of Intel processors?

Well, one of the most important things that we should take into consideration here is the fact that there are going to be quite a lot of new features packed into this new CPU generation.

With A-series, Intel could very well introduce to us something that we have not seen before, including an entirely new input device interface that is used on the PC. So that is one great thing that we could expect to have here.

This new socket is called sockets 1140, which is actually an upgrade on Intel’s old sockets. It is said that the new socket will be really fast and could really deliver a new kind of performance to Intel’s existing products.

But then again, there are also rumors that this new CPU design is really a mini-campus memory unit. This is a scheme Intel has developed to support high-end desktop PC components within a small area without really having to break the bank.

It is said that we might be able to see these new Intel A-Series chips being used as early as the end of this calendar year 2021.

Intel’s new A-series CPUs could arrive as soon as September 2021. It is said that Intel will be showing off their new microarchitecture at Intel DeveloperConnect – the premier event in the IT world, taking place in Las Vegas.

It is said that the event is going to take place during the Computex show in March. Then, there will be a revealing of one new Intel processor per month.

The reason why the Intel A-series chips are being shown off at developer conferences around the world is that they are still developing the new microarchitecture. And it appears that the new CPU motherboards that are being shown do not really have anything to do with the CPU’s core architecture.

So we could still expect the usual motherboard design that is built upon the existing socket that features the standard Intel CPU sockets. But then again, what we do know is that Intel A-Series motherboards are not all direct-attached or attached from the CPU, but rather can be classified as a type of bridge.

What does this mean? It means that the new microarchitecture that Intel has been teasing all along may not be ready for prime time just yet. Now, if you think about it, the new chip manufacturing strategy that Intel uses could actually provide a lot of benefits for customers who want to buy an Intel based CPU.

If Intel A-Series can be used for a bridge chip that can be connected to the existing CPU and used as a secondary or adds on CPU device, then it would mean that Intel has developed a new method for adding new microarchitecture updates without having to completely redesign the existing CPU architecture.

There are a lot of reasons why this new method might be preferred by motherboard designers over others. For one thing, it allows Intel to directly interface with its customer while reducing the amount of possible roadblocks between them.

This new approach would also allow Intel to directly compete with AMD and ATI, two of the most popular microcard producers in the world today. Motherboards that incorporate the new technology could arrive as early as September if current plans hold true.

What can we learn from this? The fact is that Intel has developed new, very advanced technology in their high-end processors. However, they do not yet have a partner ready to provide an open-source microarchitecture for the A-series.

Right now, motherboard manufacturers like Gigatix, Crucial, and Powerrete are working on new solutions for Intel’s new technology. This means that we might not see an Intel A-series motherboard until late 2021, which could be very tough to get your hands on since the chips will probably be launched in the third quarter of this year.


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