Windows 10 Trick Unlocks Secret Browsing Game

Windows 10 Trick Unlocks Secret Browsing Game
Windows 10 Trick Unlocks Secret Browsing Game

How to unlock the secret browsing game hidden in your web browser has been one of the most sought after challenges lately. It is a devious trick that has been left by the developers to entice new users to avail of their web browser.

As if that were not enough, they have hidden a variety of goodies to further entice you to buy the software. This is how to get the Windows 10 spyware blockers to work in your web browser.

Windows 10 trick unlocks secret browsing game hidden in your web browser

The Windows 10 browser has received many upgrades since its initial launch and it is now considered by many, as the most powerful web browser. However, many people say that not many can appreciate its features and functionalities, as it is riddled with several bugs.

But all this is what makes it such a formidable competitor in the online world today. This browser, though, has been tagged with several bugs, but the developers of this web browser have managed to address all these shortcomings. That is why you should be able to experience its full power and potential if you want to remain anonymous in the cyber world.

The first of the tricks to unlock this web browser is to make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed in your PC. There are certain hidden browser features in the Windows operating system that cannot be enjoyed unless you have the latest version.

For instance, you cannot enjoy the built-in PDF viewer in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you have an older version of Windows, then you will have to go for third-party tools that will allow you to view these files.

Another trick is to download various games from the Internet. Most of these games are available for free and do not require any kind of membership or registration. The only requirement is that you have the latest version of Windows before you can play these games.

You can use the Internet and search for games that are hidden in your web browser. Most of these games are based on certain themes that enable you to access them from the privacy of your home.

However, there are many websites that are dedicated to games which can also be helpful to play the hidden games as they will let you know where you need to go to finish a particular level or mission in the game.

One of the most interesting of the tricks is to use the Windows 10 cache to boost your PC’s performance. The Windows 10 cache is a part of your computer memory but unlike other types of memory, this one is constantly being accessed and it stores all your personalized settings for your PC.

This means that the files saved within this area are used whenever you start up your computer. However, it is recommended that you leave this part of your browser’s cache enabled so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of using the Windows 10 cache.

The Windows 10 cache also enables your PC to read the files and folders stored in Windows and so when you browse the Internet, you get a better game experience.

Another of the many tricks revealed is to remove spyware and adware from your PC. If you have installed a browser like Mozilla Firefox, you would not be aware of its built-in protection called Ad-Aware.

This special software helps your PC to filter out spyware and other unwanted content from being delivered to your PC. This is a useful feature especially if you surf websites that are considered to be inappropriate by your parents or if you are using adult-themed sites.

This Windows 10 trick will help you increase your PC’s protection against malicious online content.

The final of the Windows 10 trick reveals is probably the best one that anyone can learn – disabling Ad-Aware. This is because this feature makes your browser vulnerable to malicious advertisements that come from the Internet.

When you have enabled this feature, every time you browse the Internet, your PC is redirected to advertisements that are placed there by different companies. They might contain products or links that you have no intention of buying. You can remove these harmful advertisements from your browser with the help of a reliable Ad-Aware removal tool.

It is now obvious that Windows 10 has many more hidden features compared to the previous versions of the operating system. However, you don’t have to worry about those things anymore as you can easily learn all of these tricks.

All you need is a reliable Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to find out the secrets that this latest operating system has to offer. With this newbie knowledge, you can easily master these handy tips that will let you enjoy browsing the Web like a pro.


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