What Are the New Changes to Snapchat?

What Are the New Changes to Snapchat

What Are the New Changes to Snapchat?

Snapchat is currently one of the top chatting platforms on mobile. Users can easily send short messages and group snaps to their friends. The new Introducing new feature lets you sort out your conversations on your phone in order to make the most of the space available.

A simple swipe gesture is all it takes to organise the conversations you want to stay up to date with. Whether it’s your school work, your daily life or your weekends away, you’ll always know who you need to contact.

Snapchat Introduces a New Feature to Sort Your Chat Messages. Previously, if you went to a group or private group, you had to scroll through each message and see what was there. Now, you can go straight to the messages you want to view by sorting them by recent, upcoming, or starred.

You can also hide or share messages from certain people. This allows you to better manage your conversations, knowing who you’re communicating with and how important they are to you.

Use Snapcatch To Get Better Pop-up Advertising. Google has recently introduced a new feature to AdWords where you can create ads using real images from your phone or automatically selected by a pop-up window. With this new feature, you’ll be able to target people based on location, gender, age, or any other criteria you’d like. This will allow you to generate more revenue from small adverts, as well as helping you drive more of your content to your friends’ streams.

Post Videos on YouTube. If you already use YouTube to share your videos, you’ll find that you can now upload to the new platform to share videos you’ve recorded with your Snapchat community. For this feature, you’ll need to have access to a desktop or laptop computer with internet access. Once connected, you can easily make video tutorials or share funny clips with your friends.

Send Friends Images. You can now easily send images from your camera or via email directly from the application. No longer does uploading pictures need to be complicated. For this feature, you will need a webcam or external camera for photos. Photos will be delivered to the recipients in a zip code or emailed directly to their email.

Send SMS on Facebook. If you would like to send messages to your friends on Facebook all from the same application, you can now do so. With this new feature, you can add the contact’s name to each message and have them appear in the chat bubbles you’ll be sending. If you’re chatting with someone on an important meeting, this is a great way to stay in touch and stay connected with those important business contacts.

Control Access With Access Control. The new feature lets you restrict who can view your snaps, control what groups you’ll send snaps to, and more. To use this new feature, you’ll need to log into your Snapchats using your Facebook login. When logging in, you’ll be given the option to: “View Now”, “Manage Groups”, and “Control Access”. You’ll then be able to browse through the list of controls and how you want to control access to your snaps.

Additional Options for Sharing. The new feature allows you to upload your snap to Facebook and Twitter as well. You can do this by visiting the share section at the top right of the app. You’ll then be able to choose which social networks you’d like to upload to. If you don’t have an account at any of these sites, you’ll be prompted to create one so that you can upload to them.


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