5 Tips And Tricks To Optimize Mobile Device Storage

5 Tips And Tricks To Optimize Mobile Device Storage
5 Tips And Tricks To Optimize Mobile Device Storage

5 Tips And Tricks To Optimize Mobile Device Storage

Are you looking for some useful tips and tricks to optimize mobile device storage space?

Today, people are using cell phones like never before. They can quickly send and receive messages, surf the internet, and even check their bank account on their phone.

If you own a smartphone, you know how precious this gadget is because it’s not just a phone anymore. It’s become your business card as well!

  • Just like any other personal item or computer, your cell phone can fill up with all sorts of unnecessary data and information that you don’t need or use very often. This information takes up space on your phone and slows down your phone’s performance. Fortunately, there are things you can do to optimize mobile device storage space and help it run more efficiently. Here are a few:
  • Don’t Forget To Delete Old Mail After A Few Days: Many people forget to delete old mail after it arrives but this is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your mobile device storage. In fact, deleted mail is one of the biggest causes of cluttered and slow-down mobile device storage. So never forget to wipe out old mail immediately after it arrives. This will help you free up a lot of space.
  • Use A Backup Program To Make Your Cell Phone An Essential Part Of Your Household: You probably feel you already have a backup program set up on your computer. But did you also know that you can set up a backup program on your phone as well? This way, you will be prepared in the event the worst happens and you need your cell phone for an important message or data transfer. It’s always nice to have some way to back up the photos and other files you may save on your phone. Using a backup program makes it really easy to retrieve those valuable items should the worst happen.
  • Keep The Apps Uninstalled: Sometimes it’s necessary to reinstall an app so you can clear up space on your mobile device storage. This is something that you should definitely do because sometimes apps don’t come fully equipped with uninstall buttons. When reinstalling an app, you should make sure it comes with uninstall buttons so you can just tap “Uninstall” right away. Doing this helps your uninstall process run smoothly and you will get a faster way to free up some valuable mobile device storage space.
  • Clean Up Storage: The phone has tons of built-in cleaning features. You should use them often to keep your phone free of clutter. However, you should take care to delete text messages and other small files. You should delete them only after you’ve carefully reviewed the content and determined it is something you really want gone.

What to do when you run out of space on your Mobile

1. Use Cloud storage service

  • The easiest way to get more free space on your mobile device is to choose cloud storage services
  • Most famous Cloud Storage Services are Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.
  • Choose free or paid cloud storage service as per your convenient
  • Configure the settings
  • Offload the Photos and videos on the cloud, freeing up space on your smartphone.
  • Automatic back up or photo and video for cloud storage also possible

How to use free cloud backup using Google Photos

  • Go to Settings
  • Back up & sync and enable it.
  • Now you can backup photos and Videos, It can be deleted from the mobile to go Settings > Free up device storage. It is Free up to 16 MP photos but later after June 2021 Google will count it as per Google storage capacity.

2. Clean the device’s storage

You can remove unwanted photos or videos and any other files to free up the storage

3. Delete unused applications

You can remove unwanted application or unused applications to free up the space in mobile storage

4. Clear apps’ cache and temp

Every app downloads and/or stores data locally on your device

Applications usually store cache and data when we logged in , Applications like, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Chatbox.fm etc.

You can follow these steps to clear an app’s cache:

  • Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Select the app and click the Storage & cache button
  • Click Clear cache to delete the app’s cache

5. Use Check DeX and delete files

Samsung DeX. It is a mobile-powered desktop computing platform, That can help you to create more data , You can experience smartphone like a PC.

f you do not use Samsung DeX, you can skip.

You can check your data inside DeX by following steps

  • Boot up DeX
  • Check apps, files, and folders
  • Delete anything unwanted files, folders, Images and videos etc.

*** Limit the size of media files

You should configure your camera app to lower down the settings of images or Videos.

Google Camera, can be configure by the following way

  • Google Camera and click More > Settings
  • Configure the resolution
  • Back camera photo resolution
  • Front camera photo resolution
  • Back camera video resolution
  • Front camera video resolution

How much storage space do you really need in Mobile.?

  • Required 64 GB storage for one hardly shoot photos and videos using the smartphone
  • Required minimum 128 GB if One is camera enthusiast and taking so many selfies and making videos
  • Required minimum 256 GB of storage space if One usage is more, like the heavy usage of shooting multiple photos and videos every day
  • Some Smartphones comes with an option of expandable storage using a microSD card, You can also buy the same

Mobile Storage – Tips To Avoid Running Out Of Space At Home

When you are planning to buy mobile storage units for your home or for your business, there are certain things that you have to consider. The first thing is the size of your car or truck. The amount of stuff that you wold like to store is also a factor.

If you have too much stuff then it makes sense to buy a bigger storage unit, but if there is not enough space in your garage or in your parking lot then buying small mobile storage units is a sensible option.

The most important aspect of a mobile storage is its design and functionality. You must make sure that the equipment you buy has all the basic features that you require. It should have shelves and cabinets and be placed in such a way so that you can easily reach what you need. At the same time, it should be placed in such a way that you can take it with you if you need to move it somewhere else.

Another important consideration when you buy mobile storage is the capacity. How much extra space do you really need? Will you be moving your stuff very often? If yes, then you should get a large storage unit that will accommodate all your bulky items. On the other hand, if everything that you own is very small and you are planning to keep it for a few days or weeks then you should buy a smaller unit with limited storage space.

If you find that you are running out of storage space even when you add more stuff to your mobile storage then you should consider renting some space. There are many mobile storage facilities available where you can rent some space for storing your belongings. These facilities are available all over the country. However, you need to make sure that the place is clean, organized and within your price range.

You may also decide to buy your mobile storage space. This will require that you first identify the area where you want to place your storage. Next, you need to find out the available space in that particular area and then purchase the right kind of space. You should opt for a space that is big enough but not too big.

You can go in for mobile storage units, which come with lockers or cabinets. You need to make a list of all your stuff and then go through this list and select the stuff that you really need. You can also look for storage facilities, which offer a complete mobile storage facility. This will ensure that you don’t need to move around and reorganize your stuff when you need to remove it from one place to another.

You can always go in for stuff storage which is made from recycled material. This will help you protect the environment. Some such material includes papers, wood chips, plastic bottles etc. You can also consider purchasing things which can be reused.

When you are looking for mobile storage which comes with a locking facility, you should bear in mind that you want to keep some personal belongings in the storage as well. If you are going in for a locker based storage then you need to make sure that it is big enough.

The locker will provide adequate space for you to keep all of your personal stuff. As mentioned above, you will find that running out of space at home can be extremely inconvenient. You therefore need to make an effort to buy adequate space to store your things.

Mobile Storage Space for Your Home

Running out of storage space is an all too common problem for many people. People may need to store goods that they bought in bulk, documents or archive files, collections of photographs or other precious items, and so much more.

If you run out of storage space, then you are going to find that you have no place to safely put these things. You could try borrowing some of your friends’ beds to put your things on, but this might not be a very good idea if you have any children staying with you at the time, or if you live in a rented property.

This is where your best solution for an extra piece of storage space can come in. Portable storage units can provide you with a secure and protected place for your valuable possessions. These types of portable storage units are incredibly popular because they can be easily carried around and they don’t take up much room.

This means that you can keep them close to your home, allowing you to keep an eye on what you have stored while you are away from home. If you want to have mobile storage in your garden, there are plenty of different designs available, or you can build a small shed to suit your storage needs.

There is a wide range of different storage units that you can choose from. Some people choose to buy a larger unit that can accommodate all their possessions, whereas others prefer smaller units that only house documents or a few essential items.

If you are thinking about buying a storage unit, then it can be worth taking some time to think about how you intend to use the space once it is in place. You will find that some people find that the extra space is extremely useful, but it can also end up being a distraction that prevents them from focusing on other things.

There are lots of great benefits that come from having a mobile storage space. Most portable storage units are extremely lightweight, making them easy to move around, and this means that you can use them anywhere in your home without having to put up with stowing a heavy shed.

You do not have to worry about keeping it hidden away in a back room, and the fact that you can move it around at will means that you can use the storage facility whenever you feel like doing something different. Mobile storage will enable you to keep everything in one place, allowing you to stay organised and well organised.

There are many different options available for people looking to buy mobile storage. For homes that are already fitted with a garage, you could think about buying a portable storage shed that will store all your tools and equipment, as well as a range of tools and equipments.

Portable storage sheds are made from a variety of materials and can even be custom-built to order if you cannot find something that is suitable. It is worth checking out lots of different options before you make a decision on what material you would prefer to purchase.

When you are planning your next move or storing excess items in your home after a move, there is no need to face the problem of how to store everything.

Mobile storage will solve that problem completely, by providing you with an easy, secure, and compact storage solution for all your belongings. It is time to take stock of your home and see how much storage you really need. Once you know what is there, then you can get to find the right mobile storage shed for your home.


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